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Wa-loli obi in Japanese-style cotton prints, custom-made for you! Matching kimono blouses and skirts can be made on a custom order basis.

All obi fasten in back with velcro and have corset-style lacing in front for size adjustment. They have light plastic boning in front and on the sides. Ideal for Lolita outfits, or great with cute blouses and skirts or jeans!

Ruffles or lace trim can be added to any obi on request for $5 extra.



Black print obi with geisha and dragon pattern

Front view Side view

Black/pink obi with flowers

Front view Side view

Silvery Cyber obi with buckles

Front view

Red/white obi with plum blossoms

Front view Side view

Yellow/black obi with flowers

Front view Side view

Cream/Multi obi with chrysanthemums

Front view Side view

Blue and pink sakura print obi

Front view Side view


Red and black gingko print obi with gold script detailing.

Front view

Pretty lavender floral print obi with iridescent white ruffle trim.

Front view Side view

Lavish purple and gold floral print obi.

SOLD; no more fabric available.

Front view Side view

Cheery yellow and red floral print obi.

Front view Back view


Fabrics currently available for custom order:

1. Grey & red waves and flowers 2. Blue and violet stripe with maple leaves 3. Crimson with white spirals 4. Silver-bronze crinkle Cyber fabric
5. Black with blue and gold flowers and fish 6. Blue with pink sakura blossoms 7. Grey with red and white flowers 8. Pink and purple floral patchwork
9. White with red, pink and violet flowers 10. Lavender with white flowers 11. Navy with small dragonflies 12. Black with pastel flowers
13. Black with cranes and flowing water 14. Black with deep rose and white flowers 15. Crimson with red and white flowers 16. Purple with golden flowers & dragonflies
17. Yellow and red flowers on black 18. Red and black gingko with gold script    

Obi are $50, or $55 with ruffles or lace.

To order: Add to cart and please specify the following:

  • which fabric you want
  • any preferences for front panel colour, lacing colour, extra trims etc.
  • your waist size

Obi sizes:
XS - 63-71cm (24-28")
S - 70-79cm (27-31")
M - 74-85cm (29-33")
L - 78-91cm (31-35")
XL - 86-99cm (34-39")
Larger sizes can be made on a custom basis.


Handwash or gentle cycle in cold water, hang to dry, iron if necessary. Remove laces and bow before washing. Bow detaches with snaps and can be washed separately, but should be ironed flat and re-folded for wear..